An assistant is a person (or by extension a device) that helps another person accomplish their goals

Bearspace in association with Peer Sessions, presents an exhibition project entitled The Assistant. From 14th-29th May and 4th-19th June exhibitions will pair up an emerging artist, who will create the artwork, with an established artist who will instruct them. The established artist will send the emerging artist, or assistant, a list of rules one month prior to the exhibition opening, rules which will detail how the established artist wishes the work to be created and/or installed. This blog contains updates on their progress whilst a parallel page collects discussions around the idea of being an assistant and stories shared by other 'assistants' across the arts.

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Discussion Page Published

Those blog posts which relate to discussions on the topic of artists assistants and the role of assistants/interns in the arts have been moved to a parallel page that can be found here in order to make the structure of the blog more clear. Posts on this page now relate specifically to the exhibition in terms of Kate and Blue's progress towards their respective shows. I would definitely recommend heading over to the discussion page however as there are some interesting, worrying and amusing assistant stories and some thought-provoking opinions and positions proposed It is great to see this blog element developing in the way in which I'd hoped, opening a discourse around the work and around the exhibition (as a form of work in itself) which examines and draws attention to the artistic and social relations within which these artworks are emerging.

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