An assistant is a person (or by extension a device) that helps another person accomplish their goals

Bearspace in association with Peer Sessions, presents an exhibition project entitled The Assistant. From 14th-29th May and 4th-19th June exhibitions will pair up an emerging artist, who will create the artwork, with an established artist who will instruct them. The established artist will send the emerging artist, or assistant, a list of rules one month prior to the exhibition opening, rules which will detail how the established artist wishes the work to be created and/or installed. This blog contains updates on their progress whilst a parallel page collects discussions around the idea of being an assistant and stories shared by other 'assistants' across the arts.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Documentary Featuring Assistant Artists Airs Tonight!

The BBC4 Documentary on the recent crop of Goldsmiths MFA graduates (including our own assistant artists Blue Curry and Kate Pickering) airs tonight at 9pm. You can find out more here. The title seems to have shifted since we first mentioned the show from the simply factually inaccurate 'This is Modern Art' to the equally platitudinous 'But is it Art?' (yawn). However, understanding, possibly better than most, the potentially tiresome lengths that producers have to go to facilitate a show, its public reception and to encourage audiences perhaps this is almost forgiveable. But enough prejudging, let's make sure that we all watch the programme and make our minds up for ourselves. The talented Blue Curry, the Assistant artist that we are working with for show 2, apparently features fairly heavily in the documentary so that is possibly great news for him. Check out the Youtube trailer above and be sure to watch the show tonight, it certainly promises to be interesting.

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